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        1. 意大利I.T CERAMICHE總部展廳

          參考造價:暫未填寫| 空間:商業展示| 面積:1800平米| 瀏覽數:2237
          案例簡介 Case description
          I.T CERAMICHE一個源自意大利的瓷磚品牌,崇尚自由、個性、時尚、新潮。力圖將自然舒適、藝術品位,極致輕奢的意式生活美學融入到東方語境,并將東方意蘊和意式美學進行交融疊加,使品牌散發出獨特的浪漫觀感和藝術氣質。在功能上將一二樓作為品牌總部的產品展示空間、接待空間、及公共休閑空間,三四樓則為品牌辦公空間及后勤空間。

          I.T CERAMICHE is an Italian ceramic tile brand that pursues freedom, individuality, fashion and novelty. The project is the headquarters & exhibition hall of the brand. The design intends to blend Italian living aesthetics that features natural comfortableness, artistic taste and affordable luxury into oriental context, to endow the brand with unique romantic and artistic charm. 1F and 2Ffunction as product display, reception and leisure spaces, while 3F and 4F are used for working and logistics purposes.
          意大利I.T CERAMICHE總部
          Freely rotating cube-shaped blocks

          The building is a four-storey construction. The architectural appearance is inspired by the popular ”Rubik’s Cube”. Each floor is a box, which interactively rotates, together creating a twisting form that shows contradictory yet interdependent visual effects and highlights the mechanical beauty of the building blocks. Plain, heavy and dark cement bricks offer a strong visual contrast to the light transparent glass box, making the building ”boxes” appear suspended in the air. The contrast between black and white, lightness and heaviness, void and solidness, together with the free plane and facade design, contributes to producing changes to the architectural form. The harmonious combination of brass metal and dark gray terrazzo, colored acrylic glass and marbles, as well as artificial synthetic materials and traditional natural materials, perfectly demonstrates the brand’s sense of affordable luxury, ultimate craftsmanship and aesthetic concept.
          意大利I.T CERAMICHE總部
          A world under water

          The concept of “Cube” is extended to the interior design, which creates free yet contrasting spatial forms. At the lobby, the ceiling is finished with a stainless steel panel featuring rippling patterns, which create a feeling of being underwater. The rotating wall and ceiling are connected and interpenetrated via blocks, giving the space a strong sense of architectural blocks. The luxurious pink stone and the cement-like flooring form a sharp contrast, while accentuating their own unique textures. Visitors can appreciate different views at each step along the circulation route. The core of this free space is that it never restricts people’s behaviors. Instead, it guides them to walk and explore under the “rippling water”. The poetic design language enables the architectural space to resonate with inner mind.
          意大利I.T CERAMICHE總部
          Large areas of French glass windows bring in natural light and enhance the overall interior atmosphere. The “vortexes” on the metal plate echoes water whirlpools, and the serration of stones is a reminder of mortise-and-tenon joints. Those forms evoke associations, feature abstract poetry, and stand for beauty.
          意大利I.T CERAMICHE總部
          Floating stairs leading to future

          The terrazzo staircase looks like floating above water through architectural approaches. Although the design seems contrary to the laws of nature, it helps to stimulate imagination. Visitors are guided by the stairs as if they are led to an unknown world. Separated blocks, gaps between the blocks, and light belts inside the gaps, all make the originally heavy stairs appear more lightweight. Carlo Scarpa believes that each form or shape should be independent yet interrelated, which is how the architectural idea of “separatism” derived from. Undoubtedly, these architectural theories have affected the field of spatial design.
          意大利I.T CERAMICHE總部
          At the end of the stairs, a touch of greenery livens up the entire space. Above the stairs is a skylight. Invisible air flow creates a holistic ambience, which highlights the importance of this area and circulation route. The artistic installation in water looks like a summer lotus that grows from it, perfectly matching the atmosphere of the field and enhancing the aesthetics experiences.
          意大利I.T CERAMICHE總部
          Separation and reconstruction in multiple dimensions

          Le Corbusier’s free facade theory advocates that building facade should get rid of the limitations of structural columns, and building structures should not be concealed because they own independent and unique charm. Therefore, the design team not only retained the original beauty of the structures, but also further strengthened it. The exposed universal beam structure and the steel grid are naturally interpenetrated, which pays tribute to the architectural structure at industrial age. With a unique aesthetic, the exposed architectural structures become decorative elements in the space. The blocks and lines in multiple dimensions produce a sense of layering.
          意大利I.T CERAMICHE總部
          The designers brought a four-meter-high rotating LED screen to the shared space, to maximize the charm of natural stone textures and color while presenting the essential visual effects of products. The water drop-shaped stainless steel art installation ”crawls” on the ground, heavy, slow and like a sleepwalker. The natural landscape is half hidden in the box, adding a lot of vitality to the space. The design team turned natural things into architectural and urban construction elements, which evoke endless imagination.
          意大利I.T CERAMICHE總部
          The three columns of different sizes in the space seem to gradually peel off the coverings of the building, creating strong visual effects and leading people into philosophical thinking: What is real perfection? The design emphasizes the collision among materials of different textures. Polished terrazzo, exquisite marbles and rusting universal beams, either smooth or rough, cool or warm, are applied to constructing the space by means of contrast, analogy, symbiosis, repetition and order, etc. The column at the center is integrated with metal, aluminum and glass to form a new architectural and visual element. Such combination embodies an exploration of sustainable materials and an inheritance of modernism. Design is more than superficial decoration, but more importantly should explore and bring more possibilities of internal reconstruction. Joining is the source of decoration. Carlo Scarpa pays attention to the joining of planes and also three-dimensional structures. Joining occur in different functions, components and materials. Fine joining of details reveals the beautiful relationship between them. Such beautiful relationship is called clarity.
          意大利I.T CERAMICHE總部
          Dialogues between oriental and western aesthetics, past and present

          Arched doors embody both oriental and western architectural languages. The paralleled upward and downward arches in the space create resonance and collision of oriental and western aesthetics, and are endowed with product display function. Modern transparent acrylic boards are cunningly combined with natural stones, with ceramic-tile-paved steps extending from the arches. Arch, which is derived from historical architectural elements, is presented by modern abstract design language and the most fundamental architectural form. Prominent postmodernist Robert Venturi advocates using historical symbols to enliven architectural form. Such practice has enriched the aesthetics and entertainment of contemporary architecture.
          意大利I.T CERAMICHE總部

          Michael Graves, another influential representative of Postmodernism, explained that his motivation of designing architecture, ”a symbolic gesture”, is to establish connection among architecture, nature and tradition. Therefore, this type of design is evident in meaning that it is a symbolic interpretation of historicism. This kind of eclectic approach is built upon the structure basis of modernist design. It is inspired by ancient historical symbolism but expressed in a contemporary manner. A unique design language is correspondingly formed in an eclectic, ironic and relaxed way to convey meaning. It’s thought-provoking, and connects the past and present as well as the oriental and western world. It is the design ideology that the project adheres to.
          意大利I.T CERAMICHE總部
          Gentle spiritual touch

          As the extension of the building, the interior space is given essential spatial features by the void balcony and French glass windows. Raised balcony, garden-like study and tranquil bedroom create a private realm to enjoy nature and sunshine. Sunlight passes through the golden leaves of the maple tree on the balcony and filters into the interior space, as if the scene is telling a romantic fairy tale in fall. It seems more like Juliet’s windowsill, on which the green plants embrace the outdoor landscape to form a beautiful transition space. The designers created such surprise at the corner purposely, with a view to reigniting the architectural concept of ”seeing things as equal” that man and architecture are integrated into natural things. Light flows through the leaves, leaving its narrative language in the interior.
          意大利I.T CERAMICHE總部

          The virtually crafted white walls and mountain views that draw on Suzhou classical gardens break the tranquility, making the enclosed space transparent and pleasant with a spatial impression as light as a feather.
          意大利I.T CERAMICHE總部
          A simple life returning to nature

          The essence of the space is to return to nature. Rendered by light, the products with concrete texture appear to be more serene. The tranquil spatial atmosphere calms visitors’ mind. The virtually crafted white walls and mountain views that draw on Suzhou classical gardens break the tranquility, making the enclosed space transparent and pleasant with a spatial impression as light as a feather. 2F continues the first floor’s design elements, hence achieving harmony of the two storeys. The purest white is interpreted in a most natural way.
          意大利I.T CERAMICHE總部
          意大利I.T CERAMICHE總部

          項目名稱:意大利I.T CERAMICHE總部展廳

          Project name: I.T CERAMICHE Headquarters & Exhibition Hall
          Location: Huaxia Ceramics Exposition City, Foshan, China
          Design Firm: FOSHAN TOPWAY DESIGN
          Chief designers: Wang Zhike & Li Xiaoshui
          Design team: Lu Zhongwen, Li Nianhua, Qiu Wenfeng, Lan Jingwei, Lv Jiechao, Xian Liuqing, Huang Jianhe, Lai Yuqin, etc.
          Decoration design: Yang Shiwei
          Area: 1,800 m2
          Start time: October 2019
          Completion time: May 2020
          Client: Foshan Kai Ensi Ceramics Co., Ltd.
          Photographer: Ouyang Yun
          Text: Jiang Xiaoli


          VIRG casa總部展廳
          VIRG casa總部展廳

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